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Step by step - how are the boxes made?

Updated: May 7, 2023

As we mentioned in our introduction, the production of the storage boxes requires meticulous attention to details. Each item is hand made, goes through quality checks, before it is approved to be sold to the customers.

The materials we use are ensuring the durability, weather, heat and water resistance, its versatility, flexibility of the final product. Did you know that polyester resin is used in aircraft manufacturing, and construction industry as well?

To get you a little bit of insight of the production, have a look on gallery bellow. It is amazing what a good craft man can do with only a mold, two base material, and his two hands. It takes hours after each layer of the poly resin to solidify and dry, and then cutting around the edges, smooth them, and apply the durable rubber tape all around the storage box.

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