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MG ZS EV 2022 11 kWh version Frunk-Froot

Updated: May 21, 2023

As many of you know, we have been making the 7kWh version of the facelift version of the MG ZS EV for a while now. It is very popular, and super easy to install too.

The form unfortunately did not fit the fast charging version though. The onboard charger had different height, and the fixing points were wider than the other one.

After a few try and testing, with a helpful customer from the Netherlands, we finished last week the product.

Now the mold has to be made, and production starts straight away. The frunk will be available to order from Wednesday, 9th of November.

If you are not sure which frunk fits the car, then just measure the fixing points on the onboard charger.

The distance to fit this frunk has to be 17cm

The 7kw version is 12.5cm, and it is available too

To order the frunk, just follow this link, and choose from the scroll down menu.

They cost the same price, 179€ before applying one of our promo codes that our out there... And BLACK FRIDAY is here in a few weeks, and we already have something planned for you...

So please just keep an eye on us...

There is more frunks coming this year...

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1 Comment

Jan Timmer
Jan Timmer
Nov 05, 2022

Can’t wait until the ninth 😊👍

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