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Does NOT fit XPOWER model

Frunk is going to be continuously on stock from now on

The super modern design MG4 frunk is now available to pre-order.

Keep your granny charger and the type2 cable and a few more bits away from the boot, get more space, get organized.


The frunk has been designed to hold the necessary charging equipment out of the way, yet to keep them always accessible.

The deep pocket can accomodate a round T2 cable or the Granny cable, and also you can pack around it. We used as much space as we could, to make it as usable for our customers as possible.

We use 100% recycled plastic.

Lightweight , very durable construction.

Suitable for left hand driven cars as well.


Excluding VAT
  • Our frunk is made out of  100% recycled ABS and to give extra security and flexibility we add resin/fibreglass coating from the outside.

    Measurements_ Lenght-80cm, Depth-25cm-Width-50cm

    Weigh- 3kg


    Recommended max load - up to 6kg