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The stylish little Honda -e is a sight to see... Super innovative, modern, yet gives you the 80's retro vibe....

Boot - trunk space is limited due to the size of this little eye-catcher, but HEY, we got you covered.


You can now order a frunk for your beloved little/big car, to keep your bits and bobs away from the limited boot/trunk.

Declutter the space there, and gain more usable trunk space for your everyday convenience.

The frunk is rather small, as there is a very limited space under the bonnet.

You can fit your granny cable (portable charger), tyre kit, and a few more small items.

The frunk is fixed by two M6 screws, and has neoprene foam support above the 12V batteries.

Only suitable for RHD cars. Please do not order if your car is not a right hand side driven Honda-e

Honda - e Frunk - RHD

Excluding VAT